Technical Services

  • Interventions on instrumentation of machinery for the production of polymers
  • Interventions for parameterization of ABB Inverter
  • Interventions for parameterization of ABB DC drives
  • Assistance on programming Siemens S7 -300 and WinCC-Flexible
  • Assistance to abroad for testing aluminum extrusion line
  • Assistance to abroad for testing rubber extrusion line
  • Assistance on the lines of extrusion line polypropylene sheet
  • Assistance in testing rubber extrusion lines in Italy

Wiring Diagrams

  • Complete of topographic and material lists
  • Support for double winder film
  • For extrusion line polypropylene sheets
  • For extrusion line for the production of synthetic fibers BCF FDY POI

Other Services

  • Servicing of cooling water treatment plant extrusion lines
  • Support for replacement and reprogramming Siemens touch screen operator panel
  • Creation and delivery of extruder control panel profiles for PET
  • Production, supply and control lines of air treatment
  • Production, supply and control of storage polymers lines
  • Instruction Manuals in Italian and English languages, for plastics filtering units
  • Production and supply of electrical equipment control and supervision for extrusion lines
Electrical Wiring Diagrams
The design and the wiring diagram are done with the software ElettraCAD of BetaCAD, based on AutoCAD OEM technology. Wiring diagram multi rows, terminal blocks, topographic drilling, topographical components, material list. Estimating of the material and electrical cabinets cost. Study of the feasibility and the dimensioning of the equipment.
Electrical Control Equipment
We manufacture equipment for command and control for any type of machinery or industrial production system. We use the leading brands on the market for electromechanical equipment and automation. The equipment is always accompanied by a multilingual technical documentation, certification and testing reports. Our equipment is especially required in the upgrading of old plants, where the balance between quality and price is very important. Til today we have provided equipment and services in Italy, USA, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.
Automation Software
To realize our systems, for automation, we use the main International manufacturers and brands. For example : Siemens, ABB, Pro-Face, Omron, Mitsubishi, etc… We take into consideration customer’s technical attitudes about the material and the brand preferred and to be used to realize a job and we evaluate the availability of such materials and brands on the local market. We create the software and we test it on the equipment provided. We perform testing and start ups at Customer’s facility Italy and abroad. We provide remote technical support through the Internet connection on automation and supervision systems, allowing customers to rely more on a personal and efficient service.
Old Electrical Equipment
The needs to respect small budgets is causing that many Companies prefer to avoid investing money in new plants and instead of this they prefer to focus their sources towards the revamping of the existing ones.